Current Record Holders

Think you have what it takes to beat one of these records? Submit your attempt here!

Dining Hall Dash

1. Keeyon Hajjafar (24:00:00)

Best Impression of a Den Chicken Tender

1. Francis O'Brien

Most Digits of Pi Memorized

1. Josh Nagler (2)


  • All records must be safe to attempt
  • All records must comply with university regulations and policies
  • All records must comply with state and federal laws
  • A member of RHA (non-conflict of interest) must be present or video/photo evidence submitted in order for the record to be valid
  • A Student can only participate in a maximum of 2 records a semester that require a spending budget
  • All records will be approved by the discretion of RHA
  • No record should inconvenience another person
  • No record should damage property

Example Records

  • Fastest run around campus
  • Dining Hall Dash (fastest time from Leutner to Fribley)
  • Most Digits of Pi Memorized
  • Most number of sporting games attended in a game season
  • Longest field kick goal on DiSanto Field
  • Longest time hanging on a pullup bar
  • Largest zoom meeting with camera on (excluding class/organized meetings)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I verify my record?
  • Complete a submission form through the website. Once complete, RHA will reach out to you if your record is approved or not. If approved, you can submit a video of you completing the record, or set up a time with an RHA exec member to verify your record.
How many records can I attempt?
  • There is no limit to how many records an individual can attempt or complete.