Greek Life is about creating a sense of community on multiple levels and within multiple identities. Many of these life-long relationships are within our own chapter, but many are in other chapters. Some of the ways we build community at CWRU are through community expectations and standards; we also believe in having fun to build community through Greek Year! Check it out below!

  • Greek Games

    The purpose of Greek Games is to bring the community together through group innovation for events, connect to our community members, and to realize the power of community.

    Greek Games is an opportunity for the Greek community to bond together and celebrate each other's strengths in various events and raise money for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

  • Events

    2021 Events Coming Soon!

    Rope Pull, Egg Toss, Pyramid, Greek Sing, and more!

  • Current Standings

    Starting in Fall 2021

  • Past Winners