Leadership Development

Annual report learning outcome of leadership

  • The Academy

    The Academy is a leadership development program run every Fall Break by IFC, Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Congress, Order of Omega, the Greek Life Office, and in collaboration with faculty members. Chapters identify their future leaders, who are encouraged to apply and attend each year.

    Throughout the course of the weekend, students learn about what it's like to be a leader on CWRU's campus, not only in their chapters, but in the broader community as well. Students break into small groups, where they talk about specific issues and strategies about how to deal with them, and then come back into a large group to discuss community-wide issues and how to solve them.

    Many Academy participants, 87% from 2017 to be exact, go on to hold leadership positions in their chapters, as well as the Interfraternity Congress and Panhellenic Council governing bodies. They overall feel more equipped to do these positions and succeed due to their experience at The Academy.

  • Coaching For Compassion

    The Greek Life Office employs a Coaching with Compassion Approach to Advising the Greek students.

    Coaching for Compassion

  • Big Mentoring Program

    The Greek Leadership Interns, in collaboration with Order of Omega Honor Society and Culture of Care Guru, Scott Heydt, developed curriculum rooted in Ritual and Leadership for  New Member Educators to use with potential Big Brothers and Big Sisters with the following goals:

    • Participants will brainstorm needs, fears, and goals from a new member's perspective.
    • Participants will differentiate between qualities and behaviors within the scope and outside the scope of a Big Brother/Big Sister relationship.
    • Participants will review the Big Brother/Big Sister job description and associated assets.
    • Participants will be able to describe the difference between healthy and unhealthy big little relationships through scenario activities.