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Greek Games

Historically, the Greek Life Office has sponsored a Greek Week, full of competitive, philanthropic, and social events in which each chapter participates. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Greek Games Committee, IFC and Panhellenic will sponsor a year-long event called Greek Games. It is an opportunity for the Greek community to bond together and celebrate each other’s strengths in various events and raise money for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. The extended timeline allows for better preparation for events of Greek Games.

Greek Games begins on the Friday of Orientation week with Banner, continues on with Greek Sing, raises money for the Food Bank around Thanksgiving, hosts Variety Show in mid-February, and reaches the ultimate zenith with the actual Greek Week. Greek Week, in early to mid-April, will not only include old favorites such as rope pull, pyramid, knockout, egg toss, corn hole, and obstacle course but will also feature new events.

The winner of the year-round competition receives the Greek Games Cup, a golden trophy that warrants continuous bragging-rights. The journey to the Greek Games Cup will help members of the Greek community bond with the members of their own chapters and fosters engagement between the community. Pride and strengths of each chapter will be exhibited before the rest of the Greek community and the CWRU community at large on a platform of unparalleled thrill.