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CWRU Greek Life strives to be an experience where individual members determine their path for growth and the organization exists as a path for that growth.


Students Meeting About Risk and Responsibility Training

SMARRT is a group of Greek students who get to work with content experts and lead the way for their peers on education on sex, substance and self.

2021 has been dedicated to Sex.

  • SMARRT Mission

    To promote a Culture of Care in the Greek community, where every member takes responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing as well as the safety and wellbeing of every other Greek student.

  • Request a Presentation

    Chapter officers can request these programs online by completing this form
    (more specific information on requests below)

    Prior to the training, the chapter will strategize with the SMARRT leaders to discuss goals and expectations.

    The four overall training topics that can be tailored to fit your chapter are Policy and Procedures, SMARRT Substance, SMARRT Sex, and SMARRT Self.

  • For A Better CWRU Action Plan Updates

    In 2021 SMARRT revamped its purpose and operations, reflected in the For A Better CWRU Greek Life Action Plan

    The need for the focus to shift to Sex for 2021 and for the foreseeable future was clear and so SMARRT partnered with the Greek Life UPstander Taskforce to do just that!

  • UPstander data- WOW!

    Check out the Greek Life Annual Report for some pretty amazing data.