Community Standards

The minimum expectations and requirements that Greek chapters must meet in order to be in good standing with Interfraternity Congress and Panhellenic Council.

Community Standards is a set of mandatory submissions that the Interfraternity Congress and Panhellenic Council at CWRU require chapters to complete to ensure that chapters are consistently growing and meeting the minimum criteria of being an active Greek Chapter on campus. The overall purpose is to build organizations which produce members of character, integrity, leadership, and who practice citizenship through careful attention to the pillars of the Greek community.

How it works:

1. Chapters demonstrate meeting of these standards by submitting a chapter management plan, along with documentation that demonstrates satisfactory work in each pillar.

2. Associate Justices on the Joint Judicial Board grade this documentation;

3. Based on those results, chapters who do not pass are required to meet with members of the Judicial Board to understand more about the barriers to not passing and work together to restore the chapter's status in meaningful ways. These outcomes are commonly referred to as sanctions, but we prefer a learning and restorative approach.

Community Standards: (


Our mission is to build an environment of civic responsibility involving social justice, diversity, inclusion, and respect as the primary aspects of good citizenship.

Bettering ourselves to better our community

Bystander 101, Bystander 201

Engaging in meaningful discussions, events, and organizations in order to become better citizens

SMARRT, Citizenship Council


Fostering effective engagement with the chapter's ritual for continuous reaffirmation of the ideals and values set forth therein.

Learning from Ritual to Improve as individuals

New Member Education, Recognition of members living their values in their everyday lives

Building lifetime values through Greek Life

Alumni outreach, service projects


Create an engaging atmosphere encompassing all members of our campus community to promote a culture of intellectualism and scholarly development, built on a foundation of academic success andintegrity.

Engaging to better our community

Intellectual Development, Scholarship opportunities, Mission and Goal planning

Academic and Individual Growth

Chapter-wide GPA goal, Chapter discussion and education to further grow


We as a Greek community strive to promote ethical and effective leadership. We encourage students to develop success by learning from failure, celebrate accomplishments, and always work to better every situation that they encounter.

Striving for the best

Big/Little program, Mentoring Relationships, Creation of goals

Engaging each individual student

Focus on developing individuals and the whole group, using advisor engagement