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The Four Pillars of Greek Life

The CWRU Greek Community is structured around four guiding principles, or pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, and Ritual. Each chapter does their part to contribute to each pillar through programming and intentional member support and growth.

Below is a brief description of each pillar and a quote provided by current and past CWRU Greek students.


Through the Greek experience, students develop the ability to learn and apply academic knowledge in preparation for their future goals.

"Almost every chapter incorporates Scholarship as a cardinal value in their brother/sisterhood. As students, we all value scholarship from the academic perspective; however, CWRU’s Greek Community has Scholarship go far beyond GPA and academics in the classroom. A multitude of events hosted by our Greek Community Education Consultants house students excitedly discussing the media, pop culture, and social issues on a consistent bases. Furthermore, in any given chapter, you can find career development resources, faculty advisors, academic community engagement programs, and a whole slew of other Scholarship endeavors."


Through the Greek experience, students develop the capacity to influence others toward a shared vision.

“Greek Life is a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in leadership. It provides the platform to develop confidence, explore strengths, and have the opportunity to work with peers to create positive change.”


Through the Greek experience, students develop concern for the well-being of others, contribution to their communities, and engage with people who are different than them.

"Citizenship is something that resonates with all Greek members, regardless of their letters. Our Greek Community unites around service and philanthropy and it's amazing to see everyone so passionate about their philanthropy and helping the Cleveland community."


Through the Greek experience, students realize and develop their personal values and commitment to fraternity and sorority values.

“Ritual provides us with the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves. It serves as a guide to know how to persevere when times are tough and to act despite setbacks. It teaches us to be grateful, to serve those less fortunate than us, and to be productive and contributing members of society.”