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Judicial Board

The IFC/PHC Joint Judicial Board is an elected group of justices that function in a few roles. First, they serve as the justices that hear all of the cases that open during their terms, where they work with chapter members to develop positive outcomes that focus on restorative practices. Second, they are the graders for the Pytte Cup Community Standards (click link for more information), where they receive multiple submissions of documents from chapters and provide feedback and a grade. These documents outline all facets of a chapter, such as a service plan, philanthropy event details, judicial programs, leadership development programs, bylaws, and more. Third, they serve on the Pytte Cup Review Committee, where they audit and assess the standards that the community has defined.

The board consists of seven justices elected from the Panhellenic community, seven justices elected from the Interfraternal community, and is headed by the IFC and PHC Vice Presidents of Administration. The board also works to educate the community on healthy judicial and standards practices, focusing on restorative practices, to help educate the community, and develop conflict resolution practices in the community.