Philosophy and Approach

We believe in the power of shared accountability through restorative practices and its impact on community-building and effective self-governance.

The Interfraternity Congress (IFC) and Panhellenic Council (PHC) Joint Judicial Board (JJB) is a diverse group of Greek members who educate and hold the Greek community accountable to collective standards and values. We aim to create a positive and restorative environment while maintaining the integrity of the community by helping chapters align their actions with these standards and values.

We accomplish this by working with chapters to understand and to implement restorative practices as it relates to their formal and informal accountability structures within their organization. We believe internal individual and chapter accountability is the most critical aspect in upholding the values and mission of each Greek Chapter. In the event that chapters fail to hold themselves accountable, our board will review and investigate any allegations related to organizational conduct and decide the most appropriate channel of accountability. The processes used by our board are outlined in detail below. Using these methods, we seek to pinpoint evolving trends in our community and work with the chapter to help them address the issue at hand.

The IFC/PHC JJB works collaboratively with the university to address alleged policy violations of the Code of Student Conduct. The IFC/PHC JJB is given authority by the university to address cases related to university policy as well as policies outlined in the IFC/PHC constitution and bylaws. The degree to which IFC/PHC is able to hear violations of the Code of Student Conduct is related to the severity of the alleged violation as well as the past history of the chapter involved. If an alleged violation is referred to the Office of Student Conduct, members of the IFC/PHC JJB serve as representatives on the hearing board. It is important to note that the IFC/PHC JJB process does not have jurisdiction to address cases related to sexual misconduct. Any violation related to Title IX will be referred to the Office of Equity. Throughout this process, the IFC/PHC JJB and Office of Greek Life work to partner with the chapters' National Organization, where applicable, to work in concert in investigating and addressing the alleged policy violations. The IFC/PHC JJB judicial process as well as an outline of jurisdiction is detailed below. Our collaboration with these entities to address alleged violations is critical in facilitating long-term cultural change within chapters and Greek Life overall.

We ask for all members of the CWRU community to assist us in achieving a culture of community accountability. If you become aware of something that you believe is wrong or may be wrong, we support you in being a proactive bystander. In addition to that action and/or if you are not able to act, please report it to the IFC/PHC JJB. In order for us to achieve progress and true accountability we must be aware of these incidents; we must receive information in order to take action ourselves. We cannot do this alone and thank you for taking a step towards a just resolution and being a part of this community's progress.