Service, Philanthropy, and Activism

Greeks explore Citizenship through combining service, philanthropy and activism!

  • 2 million minutes

    In 2017 the Community Created a Two-million-minute challenge for all chapters to reach that many minutes of community service each year.

    This is tracked by chapter through Lambda Eta Mu Honor Society

  • Current Standings

    Please reach out to Lambda Eta Mu for current standings.


Each year, Greek organizations aim to educate others about causes, their needs in order to make an impact, and raise money for these foundations and organizations.

Understanding Impact

Philanthropy teaches us how to raise dollars, integrity with those funds, and to find meaningful connections to causes and communicate impact.

Global Citizen

It also teaches us different ways to contribute to the world in positive ways, as a global citizen.

"We might be playing in a basketball tournament, but we're giving something from ourselves for the benefit of others."


is very personal to each individual.

Greek Life aims to promote reflection and connection to the societal issues that do not sit comfortably within ourselves.

They way each member participates is different and range in levels of comfort. Greek Life aims to create an environment where exploring discomfort and finding people who teach and learn alongside you in a brotherly or sisterly way.