Pytte Cup Chapter Development

Pytte Cup Chapter Development focuses on the organizational growth and development, and impact of the chapter on individuals and culture.

Pytte Cup is the process by which chapters demonstrate how they're going above and beyond the minimum standards to impact their members and help them reach their fullest potential. The development process utilizes the four pillars of Greek Life: leadership, citizenship, scholarship and ritual. It then breaks those down into benchmarks of achievement of how well the chapter is addressing the themes and ideas of each pillar: merit, honor, distinction and excellence.

Each chapter is assigned a coach in January and must complete a coaching session to confirm their participation in the Pytte Cup Process. Chapters complete their learning agenda and review it and measure-ability of their action steps in a second coaching session before the end of the spring semester. A third coaching session is planned for September in order to refine and tweak. The last step is a presentation to apply for the aforementioned benchmarks

The presentations are evaluated by Order of Omega, Pytte Cup Coaches and a Greek Life Office staff members, and chapters are presented with their awarded benchmark achievement at the Annual Giortaste awards banquet.