Academic Affairs Committee

Committee Mission

The Academic Affairs Committee strives to improve the undergraduate academic experience here at CWRU. This committee currently collaborates with administrators, campus offices, student organizations and the Faculty Senate to address a number of academic issues.

Meeting Information

Fridays 5 - 6 pm.

Academic Affairs Minutes, Bylaws, & More

All USG meetings are open to the campus!

Contact Information

Get in touch with the Academic Affairs committee by emailing either the Vice President (email listed below) or the whole committee at

Vice President

Hayley Latta

Committee Members

Rosy Bae

Arts & Science Representative

Joshua Dadson

Arts & Science Representative

Liz Wang

Arts & Science Representative

Syed Sudman Zaman

Arts & Science Representative

Aarthi Rajan

Engineering Representative

Kevin Arndt

Weatherhead Representative

Lear Wang

Nursing Representative

Rohan Rajappan

First-Year Representative

Selina Sun

First-Year Representative