A Message from the Executive Committee: Providing Context & Condemning Hate

CWRU Student Body,

We want to provide context for the USG General Assembly on Tuesday, November 8th. The resolution on the table was authored by CWRU Students for Justice in Palestine and co-sponsored by a number of student groups across campus. The topic discussed is incredibly nuanced and should be treated as such.

All parties on Tuesday participated in a peaceful, open dialogue—we encourage you all to read the minutes and resolution attached to this email to form your own opinions.

Every student is your peer and has their own valid experiences. We implore you all to respect those who made their voices heard and to treat everyone on campus with the dignity and kindness you would like to be treated with. Our campus is motivated by community, not by divisiveness.

We recognize that this resolution has impacted the mental health of our community and want to share resources you can reach out to for support. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our executive board at

Finally, we as the Undergraduate Student Government condemn any acts of hatred or discrimination towards any group on campus.


USG Executive Committee

What is USG?

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is a group of elected leaders who advocate for the student body and aspire to continuously improve the CWRU undergraduate experience. USG’s grant of power from Student Affairs allows it to carry out this goal by recognizing and funding student organizations, collaborating with CWRU administrators, holding representative elections, publishing legislation in the form of resolutions, and issuing official statements to promote positive change at this university.


As the direct link between the administration and the student body, USG representatives hear student grievances and advocate for systemic change to address them.


USG Representatives maintain open communication with students about initiatives, clubs, events, resources, the administration, USG, and campus.


Representatives work together to find solutions that create change and to unite the campus/surrounding community through club recognition and funding.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.


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