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Why a USG Alumni Network?

As members of the USG at CWRU, we are forever connected by how we dedicated our time at the University to make CWRU a better place. We now hope to build the connection between the current USG to those of the past while mutually benefitting all involved parties via this alumni network.

As a true two-way street between USG alumni and present members, by joining the network, USG alumni can expect the following:

Interacting With Current USG Members
  • Stay in the know and potentially attend GAs, inaugurations, and more!
  • Advise current USG members on initiatives in which you were a part
  • Individual mentoring with current USG members
Continuing Interactions
  • Expand the base of people you know who were also in USG
  • Stay in touch with those who meant so much to you at CWRU
  • Aid your own professional and personal development
Continuing To Make A Difference
  • Remain involved with the organization that may have played just a small part in helping you become you :)

What Alumni Can Expect





Community Building

And Being Rewarded

Join here if you are interested in continuing on your USG journey