Swipe Out Hunger

Using GrubHub to offer fresh, on-demand groceries to students enduring food insecurity

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Our Goal

Swipe Out Hunger is a subcommittee in the Undergraduate Student Government that aims to offer undergraduate students the ability to donate meal swipes. While we push and advocate for this future, our subcommittee meets regularly to establish a program to donate meals and groceries to combat food insecurity. If you are experiencing food insecurity, please apply to receive meals and assistance.

Our Program

Every semester, we work to improve the three key pillars of our program: identification, distribution, and funding. For our Spring 2022 launch of this program, we are doing the following:


To identify students experiencing food insecurity, our PR Managers create flyers, write emails, and outreach to other organizations to spread the word.


This semester, we are using GrubHub gift cards to provide access to meals ($25 per person) for undergraduate students in need. We hope to expand options in the future.


Despite our goals to receive funding through donated meal swipes, funding for our Spring 2022 launch of this program was instead graciously donated by the Office of Student Affairs. Half our funding will be spend in March, while the other half will be spend in April. We hope to partner with the Office of Auxiliary Services to change this in the future.

Eric Elizes


Shayan Burns

PR Manager

Varun Samudra

PR Manager

Anuhya Kanchibhatla

PR Manager

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