USG Student Org Resources

A comprehensive list of non-financial resources for USG recognized organizations. Any further questions can be directed to VP of Finance, Hannah Song, at

Campus Space Reservations:

Thwing Center Reservations
Tinkham Veale Center Reservations
Most other Campus Reservations

Campus Food Policy

Food & Catering Policies for events are determined by the specific building in which your event is held. The short list of polices can be found below. If you have any questions, please work with USG's VP of Finance.

Thwing Center

Homemade Baked Goods and Bake Sales allowed. Non-University catering allowed, but homemade catering not allowed.

Tink University Center

Any events with food must use Bon Appetit Catering. Non-University catering in the event of Cultural dinners must be requested from the Tink staff in advance, and will only be approved in the rare event that Bon Appetit chefs cannot accommodate the food. No homemade catering allowed.

Bon Appetit Student Price Catering Menu: Student Catering Menu

All prices listed on the student catering menu above are 40% off for any student group catering from Bon Appetit! To receive this discount, student groups must order using an agency speedtype, CDEP card, or a form must be completed and signed off on by Student Activities & Leadership to verify that the funds are coming from a student group.

Bon Appetit is also very flexible with their offerings for student groups. Feel free to email or call CWRU Bon Appetit at 216-368-4548 if you have any questions about their catering.

Organization Publicity Opportunities


  • With your USG printer code (which is held in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership), you can print flyers, organization documents, etc. from the USG printer in the Student Activities Area in the new University Center.
  • Black and White printing is available. Various colors of paper are also available in the USG office.
  • Printing costs will be charged to your organization at the end of the semester.

Campus TV Screens


  • Multi-colored Chalk for sidewalk messages can be checked out for free from the SPARTA office (see below).

Additional Considerations for Large Events

Logistics/Planning/Risk Management

The Student Activities and Leadership Office has got you covered. Check out their event resource page!


The USG has Co-Sponsorships to help support large campus events for the community (above and beyond your normal USG Mass Funding allocation for the event): The USG Co-Sponsorship Form.

Other SEC Leadership Organizations on campus offer CoSponsorships as well.

  • University Programming Board - Co-Sponsorships for large campus events
  • Class Officer Collective - CoSponsorships for events supporting campus traditions
  • University Media Board - CoSponsorships for large media-related events
  • Residence Hall Association - CoSponsorships for residence hall programming and other campus events

Other Resources


  • USG provides Grubhub services for student orgs. Ticket, merchandise, or food sales can be set up for your organization. Students can use CaseCash and/or Credit/Debit on Grubhub with their app.
  • Grubhub Sales can be setup via the online CampusGroups application.

SPARTA Center Checkouts

  • The USG Finance Committee and the Office of Student Activities and Leadership have event materials for checkout from the SPARTA office (Tink - 148G).
  • Student Orgs can checkout PR Materials (chalk), Event Materials (tarps, raffle boxes, money boxes), Dining Materials (Plates, Cups, Cutlerly, table covers, chaffing sets), and more.
  • Material Reservations can be made via the online application.

CaseCash Readers

  • The USG Finance Committee provides CaseCash readers to all student orgs. Readers can be checked out for 3 days at a time and can be used to charge students CaseCash.
  • The readers must be reserved ahead of time by emailing and including CaseCash Card Reader Reservation in the subject line.
  • The Following information must be included in the email: Organization Name, Contact person and phone number, Dates requested and Speedtype of the group.

Storage Space

Student organizations officially recognized through UDC or USG can sign up for Eldred Lockers. Apply for a storage space through this link.

Student Org Mail

Student Organizations will be notified of all snail mail sent to them by their Finance Committee liaison.

Orgs can set the Tink University Center as their mailing address: 11038 Bellflower Rd., Cleveland, OH, 44106

CCEL Van Rentals

Student Organizations can rent vans at a discounted rate from CCEL. For more information, check their website.

AV Equiptment Rental (SLEBS)

The Footlighters have sound and lighting equipment that is available for CWRU USG-recognized student organizations to borrow for on-campus events.

Food Recovery Network

Thanks to the Food Recovery Network project on campus, if a student organization is having an event and they would like to donate the food that doesn't end up getting served, they can fill out this form to be contacted with more logistics (which there are a lot of in order to keep the food safe).

Outside Bank Accounts:

No student organizations may have outside banking (checking, savings, etc) accounts.

Student Activities and Leadership Office (SA&L)

The Student Activities and Leadership Office is a resource available to all student organizations recognized under USG. The SA&L has a variety of resources, such as risk management, event planning, programming, etc. For a full list of resources and for contact information, please visit their website.

Student Org Guest Parking (Presenters, Speakers, Performers, Etc.):

Guests can park in LOT 46 which has an attendant 24/7. Just send the name and date of parking to Mike Goliat ( The cost to your account is $10/day.