Finance Committee

Committee Mission

The USG Finance Committee operates to allocate, disburse, and report all USG-recognized student organization funding. The committee meets weekly to review rolling funding requests, new organization requests, and re-allocation requests.

Meeting Information

This committee meets every Friday from 3:30pm - 5:00pm via Zoom. All USG meetings are open to the campus. Please join at this link if you would like to share a comment, concern, or learn more about USG

Contact Information

Get in touch with the Finance Committee by emailing either the Vice President (email listed below) or the whole committee at

Vice President

Preeti Naik (pbn11)

Office Hours: TBD in fall semester


Parker Griffin, Pritish Mishra, Basil Yaseen (

Office Hours: TBD in fall semester

Basil Yaseen |Class of 2024

Caucus: Executive | Contact Information: bwy4

Alex Dornback |Class of 2022

Caucus: Engineering | Contact Information: acd99

Parker Griffin |Class of 2023

Caucus: Executive| Contact Information: pfg23

Pritish Mishra |Class of 2023

Caucus: Executive| Contact Information: pxm411

Manav Midha |Class of 2023

Caucus: Weatherhead | Contact Information: mdm189

Preeti Naik |Class of 2022

Caucus: Executive | Contact Information: pbn11

Douglas Gurdak |Class of 2024

Caucus: Arts and Sciences| Contact Information: ddg4