Executive Committee

Committee Mission

The Executive Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government is the steering committee of the organization. It is comprised of the President, Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, Finance, Communications, and Student Life, along with the Chief Judicial Officer, all of whom were elected by the undergraduate student body. Additionally, there are internally designated roles on the Executive Committee that include the Director of Information Technology, Internal Development Chair, Secretary of the Assembly, Speaker of the Assembly, and the Treasurers.

Meeting Information

Every Tuesday, 8-9 pm in the Toepfer Room.

View the Executive Committee minutes here

The Executive Committee meets to address, discuss, and come up with solutions for student issues, as well as carry out other business pertinent to the functioning of the organization. All USG meetings are open to the campus. Please join us if you would like to share a comment, concern, or learn more about USG. .

Contact Information

Get in touch with the Executive Committee by emailing usg-executive@case.edu

USG Executive/Officers

Basil Yanseen


Hayley Latta

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Marlee Yancey

Vice President of Finance

Mikhail Goldenberg

Vice President of Student Life

Aaron Bielecki

Vice President of Communications

Chize Ogbogu

Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion

Gigi Sengupta

Chief Judicial Officer

Keyyshav Seth

Director of Information Technology

Denzel Salas

Internal Development Chair

Grant Carr

Speaker of the Assembly

Tyler Vu

Secretary of the Assembly

Ananya Goel


Hannah Song


Neche Nnoli


Trisha Ghosh


Yeonjin Kim


Marc Hartmann