Executive Committee

Committee Mission

The Executive Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government is the steering committee of the organization. It is comprised of the President, Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, Finance, Public Relations, and Student Life, along with the Chief Judicial Officer, all of whom were elected by the undergraduate student body. Additionally, there are internally designated roles on the Executive Committee that include the Director of Information Technology, Internal Development Chair, Secretary of the Assembly, Speaker of the Assembly, and the Treasurers.

Meeting Information

This committee meets every Thursday from 6:00pm - 7:00pm in the Tink First Floor Conference Room. The Executive Committee meets to address, discuss, and come up with solutions for student issues, as well as carry out other business pertinent to the functioning of the organization. All USG meetings are open to the campus. Please join us if you would like to share a comment, concern, or learn more about USG. View the Executive Committee minutes here.

Contact Information

Get in touch with the Executive Committee by emailing usg-executive@case.edu.

President Weekly Office Hours

TBD for the spring semester. Visit Hunter's office hours to discuss administrative concerns (e.g. issues that you think should be brought to the highest levels of CWRU's administration)

USG Officers/Exec Members

Hunter Stecko
Bidisha Raychaudhuri
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Wintana Eyob
Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion
Cooper Reif
Vice President of Finance
Alex Gould
Vice President of Public Relations
Sophie Vilamara
Vice President of Student Life
Sarvani Nori
Chief Judicial Officer
Sharan Mehta
Director of Information Technology
Nadia Abbass
Internal Development Chair
Dalia Zullig
Secretary of the Assembly
Ethan Deemer
Sonia Velu
Speaker of the Assembly
Liam Matthews
Preeti Naik
Colleen Barker-Williamson